Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces (Top Person) (Non-entrant) – CABWI Level 2 Award CS2-TPM

The CABWI Level 2 Award in Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces (Top Person) (Non-Entrant) allows learners to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required by those who need to work at medium risk confined spaces as part of their job role, but who are not required, or are unable, to enter and work in the confined space.

£180.00 +VAT


1 Day

Level Level 2 Award CS2-TPM
Awarding Body


Course Overview

Course Description

  • Preparing to work safely
  • Preparing and using appropriate respiratory equipment
  • Using equipment and tools safely
  • Following procedures
  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Appropriate knowledge and behaviour
  • Relevant industry standards

As part of the training, you will plan a confined space entry in a tabletop exercise and case study within the classroom, preparing for entry, communicating with others, exiting the confined space and dealing with emergency situations. This is followed by a practical exercise to work through the associated paperwork and responsibilities.


  • To develop, communicate and supervise safe systems of work and emergency procedures.
  • To understand and use relevant documentation for confined spaces working.
  • To understand mechanisms of atmosphere testing, monitoring and ventilation procedures.
  • To select as appropriate gas monitoring or testing equipment, harnesses, hoists, winches and fall arrest systems and Escape Set Breathing Apparatus.
  • To select, brief and deploy staff at confined spaces and control them effectively during changing working conditions.

PPE required:

  • Hard hat
  • High vis
  • Laced up safety boots
  • Gloves
  • Overalls
  • Safety glasses
  • We recommend delegates be clean shaven

Other Information

Canning & Coyle Training Centre, Woodside Works, The Close, Horley, RH6 9EB